What should your bridesmaids pay for?

Bride and bridesmaids at Leez Priory

The politics of finances between friends can be tricky – no where is this more apparent than on your wedding day. What should bridesmaids pay for and what should the bride pay for? Read on to find out.

Who pays for what when it comes to a bride and her bridesmaid is never a simple issue; some brides may be better off than others, so it’s always a good idea to discuss what you will be expected to pay for with the bride, before the day.

Luckily, however, there are some general rules about who pays for what. The following are safe assumptions you can make about what you’ll be expected to pay for – avoiding the awkwardness of having to ask what the bride will be paying for.

What the bridesmaids pay for

Bridesmaids are generally expected to pay for their wedding day attire; the dress, shoes, hair pieces and jewellery. This can seem incredibly expensive, especially if you are struggling for money (not to mention – you’ll most likely also be paying for travel, a gift and accommodation!).

Bridesmaids are also expected to buy a wedding present for the bride. Though the cost of this can be lessened by banding together with your fellow bridesmaids for a single gift. However, if you are struggling for cash then a homemade gift – such as a decorated photo frame with a picture of you and the bride, will likely be just as much appreciated as something that’s lavishly expensive.

In addition, if you are staying far away from home, then you are most likely to be expected to pay for your own accommodation.

Maid of honour

As the maid of honour, if you are hosting a bridal party before the main event – tradition dictates that you foot the bill.

However, in contrast to a bridal shower each bridesmaid is supposed to chip in for the hen do, as The Knot explains:

“Unlike the shower, at which the hostess(es) pays for the party (that may mean the maid of honor or the MOH and all the bridesmaids), it’s completely cool to ask everyone who comes to chip in for the bachelorette bash. But make it clear before the festivities begin. Inform all invitees what the plan is and how much the suggested contribution will be. No one should have a problem with it — everyone wants to feel like she’s showing the bride a good time.”

Wedding bouquet

What the bride pays for

Typically, the bride is expected to pay for a variety of ‘smaller’ wedding day items – helping her loyal bridesmaids to cut costs on their wedding day spends.

For example, as the bride, it’s expected that you pay for the wedding bouquets. This has obvious practical implications, as you will likely be ordering your bridesmaid bouquets along with your own bouquet.

In addition, the bride is also expected to pay for professional hair and makeup. As a bridesmaid, double check with the bride before the day whether she plans on paying for professional makeup and hair.

Financial blueprint for bride and bridesmaids

While there are no hard and fast rules about who pays for what when it comes to a wedding, these are the traditional financial blueprints that a bride and her bridesmaids are expected to follow.

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