When’s the earliest or latest in the year to get married outside

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful countryside and idyllic views in the world. It’s no surprise that every year, a large number of couples want to shun the confines of their local church, registry office or reception venue and head into the great outdoors to get wed. Getting married in a back garden, woodland or the middle of a field can seem wonderfully romantic, especially if the weather plays ball and delivers you a stunning British summer’s day.

However, getting married outside isn’t always straightforward. Different rules apply to outdoor weddings and you have to make sure that your wedding officiant is happy to brave the elements and head outside. If you’re determined to get hitched outside, take a look at our guide to getting married in the great outdoors.

Where can you get married?

In the UK, couples are subject to certain laws when it comes to saying ‘I Do’. For a start, you can only get married in locations that have been pre-approved for the purpose. This means that most beaches, gardens, parks and other outdoor spaces will be out of bounds if you want the ceremony to be legally binding. You can get around this rule by having a legal ceremony in a registry office in advance before performing another marriage just for friends and family at your chosen location. This approach gives you the freedom to celebrate your wedding wherever, and whenever, you want and can be a good compromise for those who want to get wed outdoors.

However, there are a number of outdoor venues in the UK where legal weddings are allowed. As @ConfettiWedding says, “For couples who want to marry in the great outdoors, the good news is, as of 2015, outdoor wedding venues are now legal, provided the venue obtain an additional licence.” This opens up a much wider world of outdoor weddings and means getting married in your dream location may just be a possibility.

When can you get married outside?

Unsurprisingly, the late spring, summer and early autumn and the most popular times of the year for outdoor weddings. Most couples want to boost their chances of good weather, and minimise the discomfort of their guests, by planning outdoor ceremonies when temperatures are likely to be mild and conditions dry. However, some people do opt to get married outside is less pleasant conditions. Winter weddings can look spectacular when set in snowy fields or woods and autumn leaves look great in wedding photos.

However, you can only get married outside if your registrar is happy to perform the ceremony. If you want to get married in the open air, make sure you get in touch with your officiant as soon as possible to talk through your options.

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