What you need to think about when setting a date

Setting a date for your big day is one part of wedding planning that shouldn’t be put off. After all, without saving the date you can’t send your invites or book those all-important wedding suppliers. Whilst many couples will want to choose a date the second they get engaged, there are a number of steps you must take to ensure the date the right one for you. Read on to discover just what you need to consider when setting the date for your special day.

Setting a date

Your non-negotiables

Most couples have a vision in mind when they get engaged. Many instantly know which season will suit them, and have a choice from a number of dates. Some couples will be drawn to getting married in the summer for example – just like Andrea and Ben who wed here at Leez Priory – whilst others will want to host their white wedding in the winter. There are also a number of dates that may not be suitable. Brides offers some great advice for keeping on top of your non-negotiable dates:

“If you and your S.O. have your hearts set on getting married during a certain season, choose a range of dates that fit your vision, then ask your parents to send you a list of the weekends when they’re not available during that time. Compile a calendar and black out the dates that won’t work, leaving you with a variety of options when the most important guests can be there. Don’t forget to include any previous engagements the two of you have on your calendar, and ask your parents to put a hold on all of the potential dates you end up with, just so they don’t make any other plans before you’ve set your wedding date.”

You should also note down any significant dates on your calendar. Many couples want to add some extra romance to proceedings by marrying on a date that means something to them. An anniversary or even the anniversary of your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding are good dates to hold out for.

Your venue

Once you have found a venue you like, work with them to set a date that you’re all happy with. Taking your list of potential dates with you is recommended, particularly if you want to marry sooner rather than later. Many wedding venues get booked up 18 months in advance. If you’ve left booking your venue a little too late, being flexible on your dates may be the best option. Considering a weekday wedding is another step to realising your dream wedding day on a date that suits you.

Check the availability of your wedding venue as soon as possible, particularly if you have a certain date in mind.

Your guests and suppliers

The whole point of hosting a wedding is to celebrate your union with those closest to you. You won’t be able to satisfy everyone with your choice of date. But you can work with them and their schedules to ensure the attendance of as many as possible. If you have certain wedding suppliers that you’d like to book, you may also want to check their availability before setting a date.

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