Honeymoon makeup advice

Following the glamour of your wedding day, your honeymoon is a time to unwind and relax with your new spouse. You don’t want to be spending hours carefully contouring and working on your smoky eye. Honeymoon makeup should be simple, allowing you to enjoy time soaking up your honeymoon destination.

Autumn makeup

Consider your climate

Your makeup will depend on the climate of your honeymoon destination. Warm, sunny destinations won’t play well with layers of product. If you’re off to somewhere warmer, invest in a light makeup base like a tinted moisturizer to keep your skin fresh. A cheek and lip stain will give you a light, natural flush and will be long lasting in a humid climate. A dusting of powder will mean everything stays in place and help ensure that the humid environment does not melt your makeup.

In warmer climates go for simple eye makeup that you don’t have to worry will smudge off. A basic eye pencil in brown or black for a subtle line of the eyes to emphasize your lashes and help your eyes stand out is a good choice. Kolh pencils will stay on throughout the day and won’t easily rub off or transfer. Finish your eye makeup off with a slick of waterproof mascara, ideal for a humid climate.

If you are going somewhere where the weather is colder you can opt for slightly heavier products. A creamy, long lasting foundation base, offering medium-full coverage, will have your skin looking fresh all day.

Reader’s Digest also note that a waterproof mascara can be a great product to include in your makeup bag for a colder climate: “Wintry winds, sleet and snow can cause makeup meltdowns. Fight off sooty smudges and smears by applying waterproof mascara, and use eyeliner and shadow on the upper lids only to reduce the risk of makeup migration.”

Embrace multi-purpose products


Multi-purpose products are a great investment when it comes to keeping your honeymoon makeup routine simple. Go for products that can double up as more than one product to help save you time and space in your makeup bag.

The Multiple sticks by Nars can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. They bring a long lasting wash of colour and subtle glow to the skin. In addition, investing in a cheek and lip stain will help you cut time on applying both blush and lipstick.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen

In addition to makeup products, be sure to invest in a good broad-spectrum SPF. This will protect against both UVA rays, responsible for premature skin aging, and UV rays, which cause you to burn. Be sure to pack a sunscreen even if SPF is included in your makeup products, as often you will only get a small fraction of the SPF advertised on the bottle.

Keep it simple

Simple makeup

For the perfect honeymoon makeup, keep it light and simple with multi-purpose makeup products and finishes that work with your destination’s climate. In addition to makeup, a good sunscreen will keep you covered and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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