5 signs you need a break from wedding planning

Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor ceremony, an intimate or elaborate affair, wedding planning really does take it out of even the most organised couple. You’re certain to have a long list of tasks in the run-up to your big day but taking time away from planning is just as important when preparing for one of the biggest days of your life.

Date nights with no wedding talk, long baths and an appointment with your favourite book or podcast are just some of the ways you can take a break from the stresses that wedding planning can bring. Without the right self-care, wedding planning can quickly become a tiresome, full-time job. Here we reveal the 5 signs that say it’s time for a night away from your wedding plans.

1. You feel stressed and anxious about your big day

Different people have different tolerances when it comes to stress but recognising the signs that you’re nearing your limit will ensure wedding planning stresses don’t get too much to handle. Stephen Buckley, Head of Information at Mind, details the warning signs to look out for when planning your wedding:

“Unmanageable stress affects us all in different ways, but there are signs to look out for, such as feeling irritated, drinking or smoking excessively, finding it hard to sleep or struggling to concentrate. You may feel really upset and emotional, or feel like crying. You might also notice some physical signs, like headaches, upset stomach, or difficulty breathing. Severe stress can affect your blood pressure too.”

Don’t let the anguish and worry of planning stress put a dampener on what should be the happiest occasion. Recognise the signs and act fast by taking a break.

2. You haven’t done something that’s not wedding related for a while

As we’ve mentioned wedding planning can consume your life. If you haven’t socialised in a while, it may be time to put your wedding notebook down and phone a friend. Making fun plans with your friends and avoiding wedding talk for at least a few hours will keep burnout at bay. Make sure you maintain a healthy work/life/wedding planning balance.

Don’t forget those date nights with your husband-to-be. Again, make sure wedding talk is off the menu and focus on spending quality time together.

3. You’re considering scrapping your plans and eloping

If you have regular thoughts that eloping would be better than marrying with all your family and friends in tow, then we’re guessing wedding planning has lost its fun factor.

As well as taking a break from planning, don’t be afraid to delegate. The family and friends you’re trying so hard to plan an amazing day and night for will be more than willing to lend a helping hand. Delegation will also prevent that wedding to-do list from becoming too long, unmanageable and overwhelming.

4. You’re struggling to sleep or having nightmares

Stress affects every part of our lives, even when we’re not awake. Anxieties about your nuptials can even creep into your dreams, leaving you unable to sleep or having nightmares. Putting wedding planning on the back burner just for a weekend may help to get your sleeping patterns back on track.

5. You’ve become the dreaded bridezilla

Every bride-to-be wants their big day to be perfect. But remember, turning into a fully-fledged bridezilla isn’t a way to achieve perfection. If your bridezilla tendencies are affecting your relationship with your fiancé, family or friends, a well-earned break may be just what you need.

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