Outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony?

We’ve all seen stunning imagery of couples tying the knot in the great outdoors. Whether it’s in a picturesque tree-lined clearing in the middle of nowhere, on a beautiful beach overlooking the ocean, or in the well-manicured garden of a stunning stately home, getting married outside certainly comes with its perks. Deciding between an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony is a choice faced by many couples, particularly at a wedding venue like ours where you can do either. Discover the pros and cons of outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies right here.

Outdoor ceremony

No more weather worries

The weather is the biggest factor when considering an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony. Obviously, with an indoor ceremony you don’t have to worry as much about the weather for your wedding day. That being said, you’ll still probably obsess over the weather report as your big day draws nearer, regardless of whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor ceremony! The great British weather can be unpredictable at best, but this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your outdoor wedding ceremony dreams, particularly if you’re marrying in the height of summer.

Don’t be afraid to forge ahead with plans for an outdoor ceremony. Our team is here to help you prepare a plan B should the weather not go your way on your special day. Our indoor ceremony options are also great options for weddings all year round, providing dream backdrops for those tying the knot in autumn, winter, spring or summer.

A stunningly natural backdrop

With an outdoor wedding you’re likely to be limited with regards the amount of decorations you can you’ll be able to use, yet the natural surroundings provide all you need to present the most stunningly decorated ceremony space. The beautiful, natural backdrop is difficult to beat, and better yet, you’ll spend less money and time sourcing, preparing and adding wedding decorations.

An outdoor wedding ceremony provides more freedom in other respects too. As well as less time and money being required for decorations, you’re likely to have a larger space to work with, meaning you don’t have to be to brutal with cutting down your guest list. Your photographer will also have more space to move around and capture every moment of your wedding ceremony, using the natural light available to guarantee some truly amazing shots.

Don’t forget the legal bits

It’s imperative that you don’t neglect the legal stuff – the stuff you have to do when tying the knot to make it official. There are a number of laws on outdoor marriage in the UK, legalities that our team is more than happy to advise upon. This guide from You & Your Wedding also makes great reading for those looking to head outside to tie the knot:

“The laws on getting married outside in the UK are complicated to say the least. In England and Wales, laws are quite tight when it comes to taking your vows al fresco… At the moment, you can get married outdoors in England as long as it takes place under a fixed structure. And, this structure needs to be licensed. This means that you can take your vows under garden gazebos, pavilions and arbours.”

Find out more about the indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony spaces available here at Leez Priory by getting in touch with our team today. You can also read this helpful guide to your day at Leez Priory.

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