What to do with your wedding photos after your wedding

Your wedding photos are a lovely reminder of your wedding day. They offer a chance to relive the celebrations each time get them out, so it seems a shame to let them collect dust in a box. Read on for our ideas on what to do with your photos once your big day is over.

wedding photos

Put them in a photo album

A photo album is a great idea for your wedding photos. A glossy, well-produced album commemorates the big day and allows you to share it with visitors and friends. This is particularly enjoyable for people who weren’t present on the day. An album is both personal and heartwarming. On a difficult day, flicking through the photos might be just the pick-me-up you need.

Gift them

Your wedding photos can make a lovely gift to special people in your life. A shot of you and your bridesmaids together is a great way to thank them for the hard work they put into your wedding day, for instance. Combined with a pretty frame, it will make for a memorable gift that your friends will really appreciate.

A framed wedding day photograph will also be cherished family members. Your father will love a shot of the two of you walking down the aisle and your grandmother will cherish a photo of you sharing a drink together. Gifting a family member a wedding photo will remind them they are appreciated and that you were grateful for their presence on your wedding day.

Submit them to a blog

You may also like to share your wedding day photographs with the world by submitting them to an online blog, as Bridal Musings note:

“After all the hard-work, expense, creativity, and time you put into your wedding, it’s such a lovely thing to share with the world. Of course it’s not for everyone, but as many of our real brides and grooms will tell you, there’s something pretty thrilling about seeing your wedding on a site you visited to get inspiration for your own big day.”

Wedding photography

Decorate your walls

Many people frame their wedding photographs and hang them up in their homes as a daily reminder of the big day. Find some chic frames and place them in different rooms in your home for a feelgood boost.

Another option is to turn your wedding photos into canvases. There are several retailers that will do this, transforming special moments into eye-catching centrepieces for everyone to enjoy.

Create art

Aside from wall canvases, there are a number of artistic ways to celebrate your wedding photos. Nowadays, you can have your photos converted into charming everyday items. Some artists can sketch your wedding photos and turn them into Christmas baubles. There’s also the option of having the best snapshot converted into a sketch or even oil painting to hang in your home.

Making the most of your snaps

Your wedding day photos aren’t just made to be treasured. As we’ve discovered, they can be adapted and transformed in a variety of ways. Try embracing our ideas to make the most of your special snapshots.

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