Wedding videography – DIY or professional?

There are some wedding moments that are better captured on video. From your walk down the aisle to your first dance song, sometimes doing the occasion justice requires sound and motion. That’s where a videographer comes in! More and more couples are making a point of prioritising video at their wedding ceremonies and receptions, and for good reason. A wedding video is the perfect way to capture the entire day, making sure the little and big moments that might be overlooked can be captured and enjoyed as they would have been on the day itself.

As any married couple will tell you, your wedding day will fly by, which is a bit of an injustice considering how long it’s taken to plan! By recording every moment, you can capture the meaningful words, overflowing emotions and poignant “I dos” in film form and relive your wedding day again and again. Whatever your wedding budget, making funds go further is every couple’s aim, but should you task yourself with taking a DIY approach to wedding videography or hire a professional videographer?

A budget friendly alternative

Enlisting one of your trusted friends or family members to create your wedding video may be an option, particularly if you’re looking to claw back some cash. With the latest smartphones and tablets having near-professional recording quality, getting your hands on the equipment you need to do the job to a good standard is possible. If you’re going for the DIY option it’s worth investing in a tripod, as A Practical Wedding details:

“One of the biggest things that ruins a handheld video is that its handheld. Basically—it’s shaky, unstable, and makes everyone watching it get motion sickness. Any video that is going to be longer than forty-five seconds should be done with a tripod. A cheap five-foot tripod is all you need and it’ll make your video 156 percent more watchable.”

Capture memories in the highest quality

Fulfilling the role of capturing a wedding video shouldn’t be taken lightly. You might find that family members and friends politely decline the responsibility for this very reason. To obtain the highest quality view of your day at Leez Priory, hire a professional who is trained and experienced in shooting and editing wedding videos. Wedding videographers aren’t as costly as you think, which means you don’t have to bust your budget to enjoy a great wedding video.

Adding a creative twist to your wedding video is also made possible with the help of a professional wedding videographer. Some wedding videos are worthy of a BAFTA thanks to the skill of a hired videographer.

So, which is the right option for you?

Whether you are hiring a professional videographer or giving a family member or friend the honour, capturing a wedding video is a must – just ask these newlyweds! Keeping quality high is of the utmost importance. This is something you could be showing off to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren in years to come. It’s not just in the future where having a wedding video counts, either. You can easily share the video with people who couldn’t attend your big day. Many wedding videographers even post your film on YouTube or Vimeo for easy access.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer is the best option if your budget can stretch to it, and you don’t have to look too far to find a great wedding videographer thanks to our recommended services.

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