Makeup tips for raven-haired brides-to-be

Dark hair

There are many ways to play up the beauty of your raven-coloured locks on your wedding day. Crystal accessories and the ivory hue of a wedding veil both look striking with darker hair , but how do you pick the right makeup to bring out your hair colour and make your features stand out?

Go for a bold lipstick

A bold lipstick works amazingly well with darker hair, darker haired women suit a bold and striking colour, whether pale or darker skin-toned, this will create a demure and striking look, a wonderful way to make an impact on your big day. Dark berries, vibrant reds, and statement pinks are all perfect options to play around with in the run up to your wedding. Be sure to exfoliate the lip first, either with a lip scrub, microfiber face cloth, or toothbrush and make sure that the lips well-moisturised before you paint your layers of colour.

Consider your eye colour

When picking the right makeup shades, take into account what would work best with both your hair colour and your eye colour. Leaf TV gives some great advice about using contrasting and complimentary eyeshadow shades to play up your eyes:

“The best eye makeup tips for dark hair and fair skin have to do with hue choices and depend on the color of your peepers. Try contrasting brown eyes with green, blue eyes with brown and green eyes with blue for drama. Another trick is to match whatever “specks” of other hues can be seen in your eyes. For example, golden shadow will showcase brown eyes with a hint of gold. The rule of thumb is the darker the shadow and lining, the more sultry your eyes will look. Use an eyeliner along your lids first, then apply eyeshadow along the same line, blending it slightly upwards. For a more wide-eyed innocent appearance, cover your whole top lid with a lighter brighter shadow and thinly line just above your lashes. Finish up with a couple coats of mascara for both looks.”

Lipstick selectionConsider your accessories and overall look

Dark Hair looks incredibly striking with diamante, or crystal hair pieces, the stark white and sparkle of the crystal is offset beautifully by dark hair, creating a gloriously eye-catching look. If you do play up your hair, then you may like to go for a more low-key makeup look.

If you’re going for a bold look overall, then sticking to low-key makeup that plays up nudes and matte finish will be a winner (matte finishes look far more natural and less done up).

Work with your skintone

The kind of makeup you go for go for also depends on whether you are dark or pale skinned. Pale skin and dark hair looks beautiful with soft pinks and light nudes. In contrast, darker skin tones need more intense hues to dramatise their features and to avoid looking washed out. For a natural look, that won’t overwhelm your features, go for subdued reds and fresh berries on the lips, shades that you could almost play off as natural, like the bloodrush from a winter walk and nude tones on the eyes.

Acing the balancing act

When choosing your makeup shades for your wedding day, consider how your hair, skintone, and eyes will work with different shades; play up your lips, or go for refined glamour with nude tones, there are a variety of makeup options for dark haired beauties.

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