Planning the post wedding breakfast

A selection of wedding invites and gifts

Sitting down to your post-wedding breakfast and basking in the warm afterglow of your wedding day and celebrations, is a beautiful way to end your wedding festivities.

There is no obligation to hold a post-wedding breakfast, or brunch, but it’s definitely a tradition that has its perks. As Brides explains: “The great debate continues: to host a post-wedding brunch, or to skip the morning-after send-off tradition? While it’s certainly not expected, a small celebration the day after the wedding can be a nice way to cap off the weekend and toast the bride and groom one last time”.

So, what are the ins and outs of the perfect post-wedding breakfast? We cover the key aspects on this special meal below.

The pros of holding a post-wedding brunch

Your post-wedding breakfast is a lovely opportunity to spend some more time with your friends and family, and gives you the perfect opportunity to thank them for their presence at your wedding and any gifts that you may have received.

In addition, holding a post-wedding breakfast takes off some of the pressure of having to ensure that you thank everyone, and say goodbye to all of your guests, during the celebrations.

Holding your breakfast at the wedding venue

Having your post-wedding breakfast at your venue takes the stress out of having to organise and source the food for your breakfast. In addition, holding your breakfast at the venue will ensure that nobody stresses out finding their way. Any guests nursing their hangovers will also thank you, as they won’t have to venture far, or indeed spend time studying headache inducing maps, as they attempt to find an additional venue for breakfast.

Who to invite

The post-wedding breakfast normally includes your more intimate wedding guests, such as your closest friends and family. It’s a good idea to include your breakfast invitation in the envelope that contains your official wedding invite.

Croissants ready for eatingThe ambience

The mood of your post-wedding breakfast is best kept relaxed. From all the excitement of the wedding, many people will appreciate a relaxed atmosphere and see it as a great time to unwind and connect with friends in a laid-back environment.

Embrace the ‘hair of the dog’

Serving your breakfast with alcohol is a lovely way to tie-up the wedding celebrations, and should help take the edge off of everyone’s hangovers!

A champagne breakfast is a wonderfully tasteful and decadent option for your post-wedding breakfast. At Leez Priory, you can upgrade to a Champagne breakfast for only £12 per person.

A great send off

Holding a post-wedding brunch is a lovely opportunity for you to relax and unwind with your family, and friends, after your wedding. It also takes the edge off of having to ensure you say goodbye to all your guests on the wedding day.

Be sure to enlist the help of your venue to help you plan and organise a wonderful post-wedding breakfast, and opt for champagne if you really want to make it extra special!

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